Inpatient Rehab Care

sh rehab care

Smooth the transition.

Our Inpatient Rehab Care Program (also referred to as "Swing Bed") allows patients to move their level of care from acute to skilled rehabilitation but remain in the hospital setting.

As a short stay program, Inpatient Rehab Care is for patients who no longer need to be in an acute hospital setting, but are not ready to care for themselves at home or next level of residence. Our skilled and compassionate staff works with both the patient and their family to create individualized treatment plans based on specific needs and goals — to help individuals heal, gain strength and regain independence.

Our program is ideal for patients recovering from:
• Generalized deconditioning
• Joint replacement or other types of surgery
• Stroke, cardiac or respiratory illnesses, or other medical conditions
• Post-surgical care required such as long-term antibiotic therapy and debridement that can't be treated at home or in an outpatient setting.