With a history as old as Leavenworth itself, we continue to connect with the ever-changing needs of our community.

1892 — Dr. George Hoxey comes to town as a Great Northern Railroad physician.

1923 — Dr. Albert Lessing directs the building of the Cascade Sanitarium. 

1925 — The Sanitarium construction is complete. (This building is the two-story structure behind the current facility on 9th Avenue). 

1936 — Dr. Marvin Speer arrives for a six-month stay to help Dr. Howard Hopkins through the pneumonia epidemic.  He stays, retiring in 1981.

1951 — Dr. Koenig join Dr. Speer in Leavenworth. 

1955 — Dr. Gehring arrives. The vision for a new, larger building is decided.

1965 — Cascade Sanitarium becomes a public district hospital and is renamed Cascade General Hospital.

1968 — The Hilfreiche Hausfrauen (H.H. Ladies) volunteer group is established with the mission to raise funds that assist in the purchase of supplies and equipment.

1969 — Jim Ward starts Cascade Ambulance and operates the service out of his home for the next twenty years.

1970 — The larger building is complete and Cascade General Hospital is renamed, Cascade Medical Center.  

1981 — Cascade Rehabilitation Center opened as a unit within the medical center. New, therapeutic equipment is purchased providing the first rehabilitation facility for victims of strokes, disabling disease and accidents in North Central Washington.

1989 — Cascade Ambulance, operated by Cascade Medical Center, is established to cover the 1,200 square mile hospital district.

1990 — The Sunshine Ladies volunteer group is established to provide support on promotional days, in the clinic, as well as decorating for the holidays.

1991 — The medical center faces dire straits with antiquated computer systems, a revolving door of doctors, and out-of-date equipment. Patients head to Wenatchee for services, bypassing their local facility.

1992 — The Cascade Medical Center Foundation is established.

1996 — Twelve beds are leased to Wenatchee Valley Clinic keeping Leavenworth’s medical center viable.

1998 — Doug Williams is hired as CEO.

2001 — Critical Access Hospital designation is secured and commences January 1, 2002.

2002 — The remarkable transformation begins.

2004 — Foundation support achieves high-level momentum and the state-of-the-art equipment upgrade begins. The vision for the expanded and modernized facility is developed.

2005 — Voters pass the expansion and modernization initiative with 70 percent approval.

2007 — The levy for emergency medical services passes with 89 percent voter approval.

2009 — Mark Judy is hired as CEO. Construction of the expanded and modernized facility begins.

November 2011 — The four-day celebration is held to honor the community’s newly constructed center for extraordinary healthcare. Built around Primary Care, the medical center serves as a community resource for Ambulance Service, Emergency and Acute Care, Rehabilitation, Physical & Occupational Therapy, and a variety of Diagnostic Services.

December 2011 — Upon Mark Judy’s departure to fulfill missionary efforts in Africa, Jon Davis is brought in as interim CEO and later hired on a permanent basis for one year.

January 2013 — Diane Blake is hired from within to lead the community-owned medical center as CEO for our hospital district.