Core Principles

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More than words, our Core Principles guide every action we encounter with patients, our community, and each other.

Beginning in early February 2011, a vast undertaking began to unfold. Through a planned process of organization, discovery, research, and assessment ⎯ as well as a three-part working session with the heads of each department ⎯ an enhanced understanding and awareness was developed, shared with key stakeholders (Foundation, Board of Commissioners, Providers, and staff), refined, and completed.

There are four primary components to the Cascade Medical Strategic Marketing Plan: Strategy & Objectives, followed by Actions, then Measurements, and finally Appendix. The first part lays the foundation and embodies CMC's Core Principles and brand/reputation to provide guidance; the second outlines the roadmap for marketing and communication tactics; the third provides metrics to ensure reliability, validity, and accountability in those decisions; and the fourth delivers supplemental resources pertaining to the strategic initiatives.

In moving this project to completion, our work has just begun.

This plan is solid. However, our work is ongoing, ever changing, and only as strong as the method of implementation, consistency of review, and adaptation to internal and environmental factors that touch the organization and hospital district.

As our journey toward heightened reputation and organizational success increases, we will together, continue to promote hope and eliminate despair for patients who seek trusted healthcare close to home for their entire families.